Frequently asked questions

Following is a list of the most commonly asked questions about the device. If you are unable to find the answer to your question on this list, please call or email our customer service hotline for more information.

femooi Facial Cleanser icee Usage

Why does the device not respond when the buttons are pressed?

The self-lock mode is enabled, simultaneously press the “Cooling button” and the “Cleansing button” for 2 seconds to unlock the device. The internal temperature of the device too high, and the device entered the temperature protection mode. Before trying again, please place the device aside until the temperature dropped back to room temperature. The battery is empty, please charge the device. The microprocessor encountered a brief operational error. Please connect the charging cable to reset the device to its initial state.

The device is getting hot when using?

The cooling function is used too frequently. Because the cooling mode consumes a large amount of power, the battery can release a high amount of energy, resulting in a hot temperature. It is recommended to pause using the device for a while, before trying again.

femooi Facial Cleanser icee cleaning and maintenance

Can the silicone material get moldy? How to prevent it?

Under normal circumstances it will not be moldy. It is recommended to wipe it after each cleansing cycle, and then to put it on the charging stand to dry it naturally.

Can I hold the device directly under water?

Yes, after cleansing you can hold the device under streaming water to clean it. The device is tested under IPx7 water resistance rating, and there are no openings in the device that can let water in.

Do I need to dry the device after cleaning it?

Just shake the water off or wipe the device and place it vertically or hang it using the strap.

What if the silicone bristles of the device have degraded to a sticky or bubbly texture?

Discontinue use immediately. Although the silicone of the device is highly durable, it may degrade under certain conditions of non-normal use. Consult the full manual’s “Maintenance” section for how to prevent this.

femooi Facial Cleanser icee battery and power consumption

The light indicator of the device does not flash after connecting the magnetic charging cable?

The battery is completely exhausted and requires to be charged for a few minutes before it shows the light indicator again. The magnetic charging cable or power adapted are not connected.

Can the battery be replaced?

No, the lithium-ion battery is built-in, it can’t be replaced, it can only be charged.

How long does it take to charge each time?

It takes approximately 4-5 hours to charge the battery from an fully exhausted state to a fully charged state.

If the device is not fully charged and used directly, will it damage the battery?

No, it will not. The lithium-ion battery supports cyclic charging, and it does not matter if the device is used in the middle of charging.

How long does the battery last?

When the device is fully charged, in standby mode it can last 180 days; when only cleansing mode is used, it can last for more than 3 months; when cooling is used, it can last for 3-5 days.

How much power is consumed per use?

The cleansing function consumes about 1% of the power in a single use; the cooling function consumes about 15%-20% of the power in a single use.

How to judge whether the device is charging?

When the device is charging, the indicator light will display a breathing pulse, which will flash on and off. Be sure to ensure that the magnetic cable is connected properly.

How to judge whether the device is fully charged?

When the device is placed on the charging, and the indicator light is steady on, it is fully charged.

I charged the device for less than 5 hours, but the battery is already fully charged?

Because each device is tested in the factory, the device is already partly charged. The 5-hours charging time refers to the time required from a completely empty battery to fully charged.